About Us

Traverse Technologies was founded in 1998 and since then our business has been all about Linux and Broadband. Our very first product, the NETjet-S ISDN interface was integrated into the Linux Kernel back in the late 90’s. During the same period we released the world’s first ISDN-U interface to be integrated into the Linux Kernel.

Our next product evolution was naturally ADSL1. Again we released the first ADSL interface for Linux with an Open Source driver. In 2007 we released the world’s first ADSL2+ Interface with Open Source drivers, fully integrated into the Linux Kernel – Solos-PCI. This was also the first Dual and Quad ADSL2+ Interface to hit the market.

In more recent times we have integrated our ADSL2+ technology, with an embedded x86 CPU. Thus creating the world’s first x86 Linux Router Board with embedded ADSL2+ ports. This is now known as the Geos product family, AMD Geode CPU + Solos ADSL technology.

“We are truly committed to Open Source Linux, it is the very Core of our Business.”