Traverse is an innovator in cellular internet access applications – more than 90% of routers we have shipped in the last ten years have had cellular network modems built-in, all-over the world, including US, Europe and Australia/New Zealand. Our latest platform, Ten64, is designed to support high-bandwidth Gigabit LTE and 5G NR modem cards. We have relationships with several major modem vendors to provide the best solutions for each customer.

Cellular failover and bonding applications

As fiber-based broadband rollouts take a long time to reach customers, and are vulnerable to long service outages, companies are turning to cellular networks to provide a backup service for mission critical applications such as supporting card payment terminals. With the appropriate software, it is also possible to combine fixed and wireless connections to provide more bandwidth for certain applications.

Fixed wireless access

Carriers across the world are turning to LTE and 5G technologies to serve markets where fixed-line network builds are not feasible, or to provide ‘instant-on’ internet access.