Kernel's for the NXP LS1043

Layerscape SDK (LSDK main site) (Kernel tree)

This is NXP's official development kit for the LS1043. At the time of writing, these run 4.9 and 4.14 based off the Linaro Long Term Stable kernel branch.

4.15 onwards contains all the required drivers for LS1043 platforms, 4.14 needs the following patchset:

Enable QBMan on ARM Platforms


We maintain a patchset against the tree with any patches needed to work our boards, as well as a small script to build them.

Traverse Patch Set and Builder

Device Tree files

For mainline Kernel 4.14 or later (using the mainline DPAA) driver, use this device tree.

For the NXP LSDK kernel using the older DPAA driver needs some extra options appended for the DPAA memory regions, see the OpenWrt dts.

The device tree that resides in the NAND flash is the mainline kernel version.