i.MX6 IoT

IoT Module mounted in DIN-rail enclosure

Our i.MX6-based IoT module provides dual-LAN and WAN connectivity with WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy and worldwide narrowband LTE (Category-M1 + NB1 with optional GSM fallback).

The IoT module is designed specifically to fit dual-module DIN enclosures which makes it ideal for adding connectivity to industrial and utility applications. A module with an expanded featureset is currently under development.

Contact us to discuss connectivity for your IoT Project.


  • Processor: NXP i.MX6 ULZ (optionally available with UL/ULL) available in 300MHz-928MHz
  • Standard RAM: 256MB DDR3
  • Standard Flash: 256MB NAND
  • I/O: flat flex connector with two 3.3V level UART, several GPIOs, 5V power input
  • WiFi: U-Blox EMMY-W161 – dual band 802.11ac with simultaneous access-point+client support, LTE coexistence filter and Bluetooth Low Energy v4.2
  • WAN: U-Blox SARA-R410M-02B, LTE Category M1 + NB1 with worldwide band support
    • GSM/2G fallback version available on request
  • Antenna: On board diplexer for single-antenna use, companion board with SMA mount available
  • Software: Linux kernel 4.19+, including OpenWrt and Yocto