xDSL Modem card

The Traverse xDSL Modem card provides a cost effective method for connecting to ADSL and VDSL from Traverse network products, such as the Ten64 or LS1043 Family boards.

Modern VDSL standards such as VDSL2 35b, vectoring and G.inp are supported, as well as legacy ADSL1 and ADSL2 connections. For convenience, all DSL management functions are performed on the card, with DSL traffic passed through (“bridged”) direct to the host.


Mechanical interface: M.2 Key M (non-standard size with 5V feed required on the host)

Network interface: RGMII (LS1043S host board) or PCI Express (Ten64 host boards)

xDSL standards: ADSL (over POTS): ADSL1,ADSL2,ADSL2+ with AnnexM, VDSL2 17A,35B with vectoring, G.inp and SRA, Dying gasp (optional for legacy VDSL regions)