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We have two offices one in Melbourne, Australia and the other in Auckland, New Zealand. Traverse was established in 1988 initially building and developing circuit boards and appliances for customers in all industry sectors, in 2006 we started supplying the hardware used within Spark NZ’s SecureME service, offering secure managed network services to NZ’s largest corporations and businesses, including NZ Health, other Government agencies, retail and petroleum companies.

Today Traverse manages the SecureME service on behalf of Spark, including, hardware supply and maintenance, the management system, security (including firmware updates) as well as the 2nd & 3rd level Helpdesk for thousands of customers.

We also continue to develop new hardware devices, including 5G capable routers and secure IoT gateway appliances. Our Cassini Service Platform (CSP) is the management and security service for our managed IoT service.

At Traverse it’s our vision to be the leader of Secure IoT gateway services, offering our customers an unprecedented level of device management and security for any Internet connected device.

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Managed IoT Security

Traverse is the first company worldwide offering a secure managed IoT (Internet of Things) service. IoT devices are becoming increasingly popular and without proper security IoT devices are vulnerable and at risk to cyber-attacks. Due to the inherent lack of security with traditional IoT systems we developed Cassini and our i.MX6 IoT Gateway device enabling us to offer a fully managed secure IoT service.

Cassini enables secure and reliable connectivity of your IoT devices. In conjuction with detailed reporting, automatic firmware updates and lifecycle management of different types of connected devices. With Cassini from Traverse Technologies you can focus on creating value for your organisation in the IoT space.

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Managed Network / SD-WAN

Securing your business networks against cyber-attacks should be one of the most important activities for any company. Workplaces have many critical devices and managing your own network and ensuring every device is protected can be a complex and sometimes expensive task. But it doesn’t have to be. With our managed network service and devices (uCPE), your network is in safe hands.

Traverse Technologies staff designed, built and ran the SecureME service for Spark (formerly Telecom NZ) for over 14 years with thousands of connected sites. Clients include Government, Petroleum, Retail, Emergency Services and Healthcare so we know a thing or two about running a secure managed network service.

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Hardware Portfolio

Our Hardware Range


This piece of hardware encompasses an 8 core arm processor. It features WAN flexibility and has the ability to support latest 5G modem cards, making it an ideal platform for uCPE, SD-WAN and fixed-wireless applications.

i.MX6 IoT

Our i.MX6-based IoT module provides dual-LAN and WAN connectivity with WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy and worldwide narrowband LTE (Category-M1 + NB1 with optional GSM fallback).


The LS1043-S Multi WAN router provides a powerful and flexible platform for branch office connectivity, deep packet inspection firewalls and redundant connectivity.

xDSL Module

The Traverse xDSL Modem card provides a cost effective method for connecting to ADSL and VDSL from Traverse network products, such as the Ten64 or LS1043 Family boards.

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What's new on Casini?


Our Cassini demo is ready and we are very excited to show you our out of this world product.

Latest Hardware: Ten64


Our newest addition is the Ten64, an ideal uCPE for your SD-WAN projects. The Ten64 is able to support the latest 5G modems and add our VDSL module for complete flexibility on all WAN connectivity types.

What's new

Why do you need Cassini?

Every day there are thousands of IoT devices connecting to the Internet, so it’s imperative to consider the security of those devices before allowing them onto your networks. Without the right security you’re practically inviting cyber criminals in.

Our latest managed service Cassini enables connectivity, visibility, management and the security of your IoT devices, protecting your IoT networks from cyber-attacks.

Why the name Cassini?

Cassini was one of the most ambitious planetary expeditions ever mounted, so ambitious that it was a joint endeavor between NASA the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Italian Space Agency (ASI).

One of the objectives of Cassini was to study the rings of Saturn, it’s findings were that the rings are made up of countless particles or “things”, so it’s an apt name for our management services, managing your IoT and network devices.

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