Application Library

In our application library, you can find examples of how Traverse hardware can be used to serve common use cases.


μVirt is a small OpenWrt-based hypervisor designed to host virtual network functions (VNF) for Universal CPE applications, with minimal overhead for system management.

Using the OpenWrt UCI configuration system allows both local and remote management using a variety of configuration methods. In the video above, we demonstrate remote provisioning via a OpenWISP controller.

Possible applications for μVirt include multi-tenant CPE configurations and value-add application deployment – such as IoT, media and VoIP.

μVirt connects virtual machines to OpenWrt’s networking system, this can be used to put VMs behind the host system firewall, or to bridge them directly to external Ethernet interfaces and/or VLANs.

For more information, please see the μVirt source repository.